Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jackson, WY

I drove south from Montana to Jackson, Wyoming where a handful of my friends from Colorado State live. It also just so happened to be my friend Kolby's birthday party on Saturday. I brought about 10-12" of fresh snow to Jackson and luckily got to borrow a pass and ski all day on Saturday with my favorite traveling companion, Cherene, who I went to the Caribbean with a few years ago.

Jackson Hole was quite possibly the best day of skiing I have ever had. in. my. life. But it is steep, with only 10% of the trails being beginner trails, so be ready to be challenged and have a blast. And yes, I did take a ride on the new tram. It holds 100 people and gets you to the blustery cold summit in 9 minutes. I've heard a rumor that it is the first tram built in 20 years.

I also met a kid who went on Semester at Sea with one of my oldest friends and his girlfriend. That was a trip.

Whitefish, MT

I spent a little over a week with my friend Tia in Montana. I got there just in time for her birthday, she probably would have murdered me if I didn't, but she also celebrated her birthday for about 2 weeks.

I got in a few good days of skiing up there with some fresh snow on the trails. Usually Big Mountain is surrounded in fog, so getting good pictures is a little challenging. Thanks to google image I can basically get a decent photo of anything I want.

If you ever find yourself on Big Mountain on a Wednesday afternoon for a little apres ski action, go to the Bier Stube for "Freebird." A weekly event hosted by the Big Mountain Ski Patrol in which the most embarrassing stories and activities of the week are presented and a winner is chosen. Best of all, they give out free beer for about an hour.

I love it there. I think I have decided that I am moving there this summer and hopefully will work doing trail crew or SOMETHING. There aren't any jobs available anywhere so I am not exactly looking for a design job right now. When I got to Whitefish I started to think about what I might do in the next couple of years and it seems like the perfect opportunity to join SCA or Americorps. I'm still contemplating all of this.

More Seattle

Wow. I've been slacking. I checked out the Experience Music Project one morning. I think that this would be the kind of place to go to with friends so you can be silly and make music in the sound labs. There is a sculpture made out of instruments that actually plays.

But the building itself is something that you not only can't miss but also a must see. The colossal building, designed by Frank Ghery, sits adjacent to the space needle at the Seattle Center. It contains mostly rock memorabilia, mainly Jimi Hendrix, but not limited to other local area musicians like those of the Grunge wave and an impressive exhibit of the evolution of the electric guitar.

appropriately enough, it being a memorial to rock music and all, the design of the building is meant to resemble a smashed guitar.

what do you think??