Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seattle, WA

I stopped by Portland, OR and Lacey, WA but didn't do much at either. Unfortunately I wish I could have spent more time in Portland, I was sick of driving and I just wanted to get where I needed to be. But, I did stop in to Powell's books.

I got to Seattle on Thursday morning and went to Alexander's Bead Bazaar. I went there years ago when I visited Marta for the first time. I got some really pretty peruvian blue opals that my mom requested. This bead store is fantastic, if you're into that kind of thing, and I am.

Then I hit up the REI flagship store. They have a climbing wall, mountain bike trails, I believe there is a place to try out canoes and kayaks, and floors and rooms full of outdoor gear galore. I am a total gear whore, though fairly tame compared to other people I know, mostly because I am too poor.

I met up with Marta later that evening and had some delicious Thai food.

On Friday night Marta, Krista and I went out for an innocent drink. We walked into Julia's in Capitol Hill and were immediately asked if we had "tickets." We weren't really sure what this was about and just replied that we wanted to get a drink at the bar and that we weren't really interested in the show. Quickly we realized that it was a drag queen show and that we were sitting in a fantastic gay bar. Le Faux is a "female impersonator cabaret" and I was shocked by Cher costumes and a pretty elite and professional troupe of dancers and queens. If you ever find yourself in Seattle on a Friday night and are interested in a little bit of adventure and lots of laughs, go to Julia's. You will not be disappointed.

If you are ever looking for some good thrift store shopping go to Crossroads Trading Co. in the U-district. They have lots of good stuff, but my favorite was the very inexpensive designer denim.

On Sunday morning I got up with Marta to participate in my first 5K. Marta assembled a small team called "Abe's and Babes" for the Run with Abe for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The "Abe" part was for Abraham Lincoln's Birthday and there were some well dressed Abe's out there.

I thought that for my first 5K, off the couch, I did all right. Well, I finished, that is enough for me!

French Gulch, CA

It is Gulchy. It reminded me of the part in Neverending Story when they are hiking through the swamp to find the giant turtle that is allergic to humans. But I had a nice visit with Mike, and we took a hike at Whiskeytown Lake and climbed around a few snowy/icy rocks to a waterfall in the rain.