Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whitefish, MT

I spent a little over a week with my friend Tia in Montana. I got there just in time for her birthday, she probably would have murdered me if I didn't, but she also celebrated her birthday for about 2 weeks.

I got in a few good days of skiing up there with some fresh snow on the trails. Usually Big Mountain is surrounded in fog, so getting good pictures is a little challenging. Thanks to google image I can basically get a decent photo of anything I want.

If you ever find yourself on Big Mountain on a Wednesday afternoon for a little apres ski action, go to the Bier Stube for "Freebird." A weekly event hosted by the Big Mountain Ski Patrol in which the most embarrassing stories and activities of the week are presented and a winner is chosen. Best of all, they give out free beer for about an hour.

I love it there. I think I have decided that I am moving there this summer and hopefully will work doing trail crew or SOMETHING. There aren't any jobs available anywhere so I am not exactly looking for a design job right now. When I got to Whitefish I started to think about what I might do in the next couple of years and it seems like the perfect opportunity to join SCA or Americorps. I'm still contemplating all of this.

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