Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I stopped here for the night to visit my friends Mike and Stephanie from College. I really don't care too much for Phoenix, and its' urban sprawl, major roads, red lights at every quarter mile... But I hadn't seen Mike and Stephanie since the Fort Collins days when Conor O'neills was still an establishment in Old Town. I figured that while I was driving through the vicinity it would be nice to stop and sleep on their couch for a night and let Athena (their boxer) get a whiff of me... literally.

I met Mike through a class I took on Sustainability in the Caribbean in the summer of 2005. He was, at the time, a Recreation and Tourism major I believe, but heard of the class while wandering the halls of the gym during his scuba diving class. The events to how he ended up there are a bit bizarre, but we all had a lot of fun memories from the trip.

We went to Sushi Eye in Chandler, which is one of the many Phoenix suburbs that Mike and Stephanie so happen to live. I am not going to lie, it might have been some of the best sushi I have eaten.

My parents lived in Tempe, about a stone's throw from Chandler, before I was born. My dad was teaching at Arizona State University while my mom was pregnant with my brother (mind you it was the middle of the summer, suckfest?). I wonder what it would have been like if I had grown up in the greater Phoenix area. I am kind of glad that my parents decided to leave, New Hampshire was a good choice.

Tucsan, AZ
I was trying to kill some time before getting to Phoenix because both Mike and Stephanie work until after 5, so I checked out a little bit of Tucsan. By a little bit, I basically mean I drove downtown and parked by the first colorful building that caught my attention and then wandered around even more aimlessly.

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