Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Chapel Hill, or at least the town center, indeed sits atop a hill which was originally occupied by a small Anglican "chapel of ease", built in 1752, known as New Hope Chapel. The Carolina Inn now occupies the site of the original chapel. In 1819, the town was founded to serve the University of North Carolina and grew up around it. The town was chartered in 1851, and its main street, Franklin Street, was named in memory of Benjamin Franklin. -Wikipedia

I could definitely see myself living in a town like this. It is very quaint and reminds me of Fort Collins, Colorado in a way. The streets all have bike lanes and everyone looks healthy. The University of North Carolina meets Franklin St. and you can see into the campus as you pass by. The houses that flank campus are impeccably maintained mansions; they must be the fraternities and sororities.

I wandered around Chapel Hill for a while and looked in a few stores. I was heading back the way I came up East Franklin St. when all of a sudden the sky decided to open up and let loose a waterfall of rain. I made it under an awning fast, but it was so windy I got soaked all over my back, front still completely dry.

Overheard at the Post Office today in Chapel Hill, NC:
"I would like to get my mail forwarded to Japan"
"You're moving to Japan? What, you don't like it here no more?"

Haha. That made me laugh. The guy at the post office was pretty funny.

"My heart is shaped like a bicycle" -Desi

If you are ever in Chapel Hill, go check out LightYears Jewelry store. It is a small, North Carolina local jewelry store that has all kinds of neat stuff. I saw some earrings in there that were similar to something you might find in Sundance Catalog, which I love, and much less expensive.

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